Real Bride Story- Haley & Kevin

-How did he propose? Kevin proposed on our second day while on a family Alaskan Cruise in Juneau. We had a very quick stop to view a beautiful glacier before whale watching and I was so focused on getting through the hike and not missing the bus, I did not notice everyone strategizing to distract me while Kevin got the ring ready. Even though we were in a group, it was such a special one on one moment for us and the photo backdrop was not half bad either! I am so excited to take our children back to that [...]


Real Bride Story- Taylor & Makoa

-How did he propose? He came back from a deployment in Africa and while we were visiting family in Chattanooga he proposed in the middle of the Chattanooga Walking Bridge. Very romantic! Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: Our wedding reception was held in the top floor library of the university in my town. The main thing from a venue that we wanted was lots of space for plenty of family and friends to come and have lots of room dance and party. This venue let us do that! -What was your favorite and least favorite [...]


Real Bride Story- Callie & Sean

-How did he propose? After having a crush on him since the 1st grade, he took me to my families land in Dayton and proposed in such an intimate, private setting! It was so us, it was perfect. -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: It was at the Read House, we love classic beauty, architecture and feeling. We wanted something super different and formal. It was absolutely breathtaking. What was your favorite and least favorite part about the wedding planning process? My favorite was the entire process! I absolutely loved all the meetings and emails with [...]


Real Bride Story- Ada & Joseph

-How did he propose? Long story short, I was confident that I knew the specific day that Joseph was going to propose because of random "pieces" I kept putting together... but my closest girlfriends eventually convinced me I was wrong & it's hard not to believe what your best friends tell you! So, on the day I originally thought was the proposal day, I took a nap & overslept before going to dinner with some friends. Therefore, my hair was a mess! When I left the house, my mom even asked me "are you sure you don't want to shower?" [...]


Real Bride Story- Ellie & Josh

This Real Bride Story is oh so special! Originally from Chattanooga, Ellie knew she wanted her dress from Monica's right away! Ellie and Josh got married at the beautiful Bellewood Plantation in Vero Beach, Florida! The proposal and wedding was obviously gorgeous...but the way this couple met was even sweeter!   " I was out on another date at a bar and josh bought some roses ripped off the rose petals and left a trail of them leading from my bar stool to his and it was fate ever since!" We love a man who knows what he wants! Keep [...]


How to Choose Your Bridesmaids Dresses

Hi bridal babes! We are back with another blog post for you! This post is all about bridesmaids! While it seems like a small, easy task to choose your dresses, styles, and colors for your bridesmaids, it is quickly realized that it is a much more in-depth task than you may have assumed! We are here to share with you what’s trending in the world of bridesmaids and give you inspiration when choosing your bridesmaid’s look!  To start, we of course have to include our tried and true- same style, same color bridesmaid dress look. This traditional look is a [...]


Real Bride Story- Hannah & Myles

- How did he propose? Knowing I have a Disney obsession and that Ariel was my favorite princess, he planned a weekend getaway to Walt Disney World in February of 2019. Our second day there, he had planned for us to get out pictures made with Ariel. Having absolutely no idea, we waiting in line for over an hour to see her. (He was soooo quiet the whole time) When it came our turn, I was talking and making small talk with Ariel then he came and sat down with us and the Disney photographer starting taking pictures. After about [...]


Real Bride Story- Kait & Dan

-How did he propose? Dan proposed at the beach in Indian Rocks Florida! -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: Our venue was The Belle Hollow in Clarksville, TN where I grew up. We chose this place because it was a beautiful location and allowed us to have the ceremony and reception at the same place. -What was your favorite part about the wedding planning process? My favorite part was planning the food/cake and picking my dress. My least favorite was all the detail planning and stress that came with it. Dan's favorite part was tasting all [...]


Real Bride Story- Marly & Josh

-How did he propose? He proposed to me after he took me to see A Christmas Carol last year. That was the first play I had ever gotten him to see (as plays and musicals are super important to me) and we were with our best friends. -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: The venue was Deep South Farm in Ellijay, GA. The venue is owned by my mother and her sisters and it was very special to me to have them decorate it for me. It is a rustic, open air barn on a 33 [...]


Summer Trends We are Loving for 2020!

As summer has quickly made its entry, I know it’s not the summer many of us envisioned…especially for our brides! Nevertheless, we are here to share some of our favorite summer weddings trends that you can easily incorporate into your wedding this summer, no matter what circumstances!  First, we are loving the trend of bright colors! Bright, warm colors (such as tasteful yellows and oranges) have made their way into the summer wedding world and we are here for it. Picking one or two warm colors and implementing them into your bridesmaids dress and decor is a great way to [...]