We are pumped to share with y’all our new Designer Series where we will feature a behind the scenes look at some of our designers! Visiting showrooms brings out the little girls in us and we have to pinch ourselves to keep from going gaga over every little detail! We hope this is half as fun for you as it is for us!


We had the opportunity to travel to the Watters headquarters for Market this year- and it was awesome! Watters is also home to WTOO and Willowby by Watters. It was so fun to meet some of the designers and get up close and personal with the staff!

Of course, upon entering this holy grail of design and fashion, they have a gorgeous sign just waiting for us to take a photo in front of. Those that have followed the brand will recognize the beautiful molding on the walls from previous season gown photos.

Here are some not very glamorous shots of where gowns are stored before shipping out. Not sexy at all, we know, but so cool to see the intricate system of rails that keeps Watters running smoothly!

Sample gowns waiting to go out for Trunk Shows

Bubbly break!

Then, we enter the design center where they are literally piecing together new designs for the upcoming seasons. These are like, works of are y’all! There are pins, sequins, fabric scraps and all kinds of inspiration pieces and sketches everywhere! We wish we could have taken more pics but #secrets, ya know?

Thank you so much Watters for inviting us into your home! It’s always nice to reconnect with such talented, hard working people who love bridal as much as we do! Who wouldn’t want to #BeAWattersGirl??