Suit & Tux Rentals

Chattanooga’s Suit & Tux Rentals

Monica’s Bridal carries Tuxedos and Suits exclusively from Jim’s Formalwear. Their amazing selection includes Allure Men, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. With updated fits and fabrics, as well as competitive prices and direct shipping options, our Monica’s team is here to make this process easy breezy! Renting Suits and Tuxes is super straightforward and we are committed to making you look and feel your best! Start building your look here. This amazing tool allows you to create your look from head to toe!


We find the easiest first step of this process is an in store consultation with just the happy couple. At this consultation, we have a few examples in store of popular styles and colors, and will be able to walk you through a full catalog options (including color and fabric swatches). After you’ve chosen your perfect look, we will talk you through the process and collect all other party members’ contact info (please come armed with that. This is when we take over and you get to sit back and relax!  We will reach out to your party members with all details and next steps. Each party member will be invited to come visit us in store for measurements and payments.


Piece of cake! Your party can download our measurement form here (attached as Measurement Form) (and be measured wherever they are at most any other tuxedo store. They can either enter them into our online client portal, email them, or even call them in. Payments can be made online or over the phone. Have more questions?? Check out this helpful guide on out of town groomsmen or just give us a call!


Rentals will be delivered directly to each of your party members 3-5 days before the event. This short time frame may scare you- don’t let it! This is completely normal in the rental world and exchanges can still be made up to 2 days before the event. As soon as you receive the items, try them on and give us a call with any questions. Depending on your location and arrival time, your replacement pieces will either be shipped directly to you or will be available for pickup at Monica’s.


While we know rentals do not fit as perfectly as custom tailored items that you’ve purchased, there are a few key things that can be done to make sure you look fly.

  • Be sure to be professionally measured and give us your measurements no later than 2 months before the event. If you can’t get measured by a professional, have a soft measuring tape and a buddy with you while you watch our How to Measure Video. If you have any major size changes, please make sure to advise us of those at least 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • Be sure to try on your rental the day you receive it.
  • In the event that this happens outside our business hours, be sure you have the rental with you when you call us to discuss fit issues.
  • We need to be informed of any fit issues before 4 pm the Wednesday before the event.


We’re here for them! All of our rental suits and tuxes are available size 3T and up.  This means that your little one can match the rest of the party! These fits are a little trickier, so we suggest you skip the How To Video and go straight to us or another professional for measurements. Click here to make your tux/suit measurement appointment!


Your rental is due back to Monica’s Bridal the first business day after the event. 

  • For Saturday events, this would mean your rental is due back Monday.
  • If you are leaving town before “the first business day” someone else can return your rental for you. To make it easy on this sweet person, have all of your items hung in the garment bag provided. If you can keep your name tag in the clear pocket, you get an extra high five from us.
  • Please be prepared to pay any lost item fees upon return.
  • If there are special circumstances surrounding your return, please make us aware of those upon ordering and we can provide you a shipping label for an additional $12. It can then be dropped off to any UPS shipping location.
  • Don’t forget, someone else needs this next weekend, so it’s super important that you return on time. Jim’s Formalwear requires us to charge a late fee of $50/day- don’t make us do that!