We are SO EXCITED to announce that we will be having a Martina Liana Tester Show this June (June 10th to be exact)! Martina Liana was kind enough to choose us for this exclusive show two years ago and we are super honored to host one again.

So what’s a TESTER show??

A Tester show, my dear, is an exclusive look at a designers gowns that have never been seen by the public. In fact, these are the gowns they are working on for Spring of 2018! Designers use these shows to get feedback on things like fit, colors, fabrics, and consumer preferences. Do ladies want longer trains? Is lace still a thing? More sparkle??

Then they take these notes back and make changes to the gowns to be reflect what their customers want. Sometimes, they may even cut gowns from the line and do not produce them.

But what if I order a gown that gets cut from the line?

Then you, love, just hit the jackpot. If you order a gown at a Tester show, but it is changed or cut from the line, they will still make the gown for you! So you could end up with a ONE OF A KIND wedding gown! Def worth some bragging rights in our book.

So what you need to know about our Martina Liana Tester Show, coming up June 10th?

  • First, check out Martina Liana to see if that’s your style. We will be exclusively featuring these gowns that weekend, so it’s a good idea to make sure that they are generally the look you are going for.
  • Second, know that these gowns are priced from about $2000 and go up from there. Also, delivery on these gowns will not start until 2018, so your wedding must be scheduled for January 2018 or later.
  • Third, make an appointment! As always, that day we will be appointment only and you MUST have one in order to try on gowns. ¬†Appointments last about 90 minutes, and although we welcome as many of your family and friends as you’d like to bring, please keep in mind that there are only three chairs per dressing room.


We can’t wait to see everyone- and we can’t wait to see these gowns! You’ll be seeing them for the first time- just like us!!


Gowns: Martina Liana Styled by Monica’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Spago

Photography: Soli Photography

Florals: Petaline Floral