We love sparkly things. Gold, platinum, diamond, morganite, sapphire, ruby…. should we go on? An engagement ring is probably our favorite sparkly thing for all that it represents. A promise, commitment, bright futures and happily ever afters. One of the coolest trends in engagement rings is how personalized they’ve become. Whether it’s a rose gold setting or cool stone that means something to you, we love that an engagement ring can really reflect a couple and what is important to them!

Here are a list of some awesome trends to inspire your significant other ;)

Rose Gold – we love this modern take on a classic metal. It also looks great on most skin types!




















Nature Inspired – the detail work on these rings is gorgeous!


Morganite – a pretty pink/salmon colored stone that shines bright :D


Emerald – this stone actually symbolizes a happy and successful marriage in an engagement ring.

Opal/Moonstone – these stones are so beautiful and can be found in lots of different color variations. We also love that they just look dreamy!

Stacks! – This is an awesome trend that we are super digging these days. Instead of one big stone as an engagement ring, why not several different or coordinating bands that may mean something or showcase different things that you love? Of course, we would always ACCEPT a big stone ;) ;)


So now just leave this open on your laptop where your SO can see it. And call us when you get that engagement ring!



The Monica’s Girls