So! It’s time to pick bridesmaid dresses. Whether you want a specific color or scheme, it is very overwhelming trying to make multiple women happy- and it can turn a fun shopping trip with your girlfriends into a mess. If you’d like to avoid the headache of trying to achieve the perfect look, then let us help! Here are a few tips for choosing your bridesmaids dresses that will keep you sane and your gals happy.

  • Give them direction! Do NOT just “let them choose what they want.” Your friends are choosing an outfit that has to fit into your overall wedding vision- and that’s a lot of pressure. They want to look great while standing next to you on your big day and that can be daunting. At least give them an exact color or designer, or even choose the dress for them! They’ve got so much to do; planning the bachelorette party, your bridal showers, etc. that this is just one more thing! We promise, they’d rather make you happy and get exactly what you want.


  • Pick a color, but don’t sweat it too much. We’ve seen girls agonize over the shade difference between one designer’s “mist” blue and another’s “french blue” for hours. Which will look better on everyone? Which looks most like this picture on Pinterest?? Hold up girl. They are both soft blues with a hint of gray- either will look awesome.


  • If you want to do the mismatched look, you need to be prepared to set parameters. We suggest, at the very minimum, giving the girls a list of styles from a designer that you approve of. Double points if you also tell them a color.


  • Do take into consideration that people have different styles, comfort levels and body types. So if you are going to choose one dress for everyone- make sure it would flatter everyone. If it’s not everyone’s favorite dress ever, that’s OK- it’s YOUR wedding, and if she loves you, she will wear it and keep her pretty mouth shut.


  • If you have 10 bridesmaids, do not take all 10 at once! Start with 2 or three- especially if you know you want everyone in the same style. You don’t need to try to keep track of 10 different opinions. Choose the ones you trust and who are not overly opinionated. You want their input, but you also want to be the one to make the final decision.


Options to consider…


  • Give them a specific bridesmaid dress by a specific designer in a specific color. Here’s how Madison styled that look:

Photo: The Southern Bride Wedding Photography


  • Tell them to choose any dress or give them a list of dress styles by a specific designer in a specific color. Here are Maria’s girls rockin’ that look:

Photo: Rich Smith Photography


  • Give them an exact color scheme with specific direction on fabric type/amount of sparkle or lace/etc. Here’s is how Ashley’s vision came to life:


Photo: Tim Ivey of Imago Photography

And duh, call us! We have been doing this bridesmaid thing for a minute now and are here to answer any questions and even lay down the law (if we have to) with unruly BMs. ;)


The Monica’s Girls