Being a bridesmaid is such an honor, but it can sometimes be a thankless job. Getting your girls little bridesmaid gifts is a sweet way to make sure they know they are loved and their hard work is appreciated. Besides, only a true friend would fluff your train, assemble wedding favors and stuff invitations, right?

You want your bridesmaid gift to be fun and useful and not just a trinket she will stick in her drawer and forget about.  We’ve put together some of our faves to help you find the perfect one!

Bridal Robes or PJs

Not only will your girls love getting ready in something pretty, but it makes for those adorable “getting ready” photos you see all over Insta. No matter what the state of their hair or makeup, your babes will look so cute in these.


Stemless Wine Glass- with a lid!

How else will you keep your mimosa chilled y’all?? Add a cute name or monogram to make it personal. Your ladies are SURE to use these after the big day. We were lucky enough to get one of these babies and we use it all. the. time. Keeps your drink cold, we love the rose gold personalization option and the lid helps us not feel like children who always spill their drinks.

Hilarious Keepsake Caricatures

Gotta be honest, these are hilarious and not your traditional gift. But how fun to remember the big day, or bachelorette party! Do ones of your whole group, or maybe just you and each bridesmaid individually. You can also put these babies on flasks, wine glasses, mugs, etc. Have fun with it! Also might be a sweet gift for your groom to highlight him and his groomsmen. We can totally see these as the perfect addition to his man cave or office!




Wine Labels Just for Them!

No one minds if it’s two-buck-chuck inside if it has a cute label! Use labels like these as gifts when asking your girls to be your bridesmaid, or for the bridal luncheon or just about any event. We’ve given these as gifts before and they are awesome! You can even get them in sets that are themed. Think a bridal theme like “First Fight” “First House” “First Baby.” How fun would a basket of wine and personalized labels be? You’d def be our BFF for life.



Hello, it’s going to be sunny on your wedding day (we checked! ;) ) So you better give your babes some protection for their peepers! And how cute are these from Etsy??

Beach hats!

Everyone is sporting these practical yet adorbs floppy hats this season. Don’t let your girls be left out. Bonus points if you put cute sayings on there. Our pick? “Resting Beach Face”

We hope this helps and gives you some good inspo to find gifts as unique and special as your bridesmaids. And let’s not forget the guys!  If you’re looking for unique personalized gifts for groomsmen, check out Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.  This online store will have everything you need for the men in your wedding party.

Also, we’ll take one of those hats if you are just dying to hand out presents. ;)


The Monica’s Girls