Whether you are newly engaged or scrambling to nail down the color palette for your wedding party and decor…don’t worry! We are here to narrow down your choices and give you the colors that are trending this year in the wedding world! 

Whether it is your bridesmaids dresses or your decor, you ultimately want to choose colors that you love as you see some of your favorite people standing beside you on your special day. Nevertheless, the people pleaser in all of us of course worries that our bridesmaids won’t love the colors! The trending colors this year do not disappoint and are full of neutrals, mix and matching, and pinks that everyone can enjoy. This year’s colors are perfect for not only your bridesmaids dresses, but for decor throughout your whole wedding! 

Cinnamon & Dusty Rose pinks are the first colors that are showing up in the wedding world this year! These deep pinks are perfect for a fall or winter wedding. For a spring or summer wedding, mixing and matching these deeper pinks with a lighter or paler pink is a perfect way to add the warm weather vibe into your bridesmaids dresses and decor!

Another huge color trend this year that we are LOVING is terracotta! This dusty brown is the perfect neutral for your wedding party. A perfect pairing to these dresses is greenery in your decor along with warm pops of color throughout your venue (such as burnt orange, deep yellows, white, or deep forest green)! 

A classic and never-failing color trend this year is…blush pink! Blush pink is the perfect compliment to your wedding…whether it’s your bridesmaids dresses or in your decor! Blush Pink is perfect for bringing in the warmth of the spring & summer seasons. It is the flawless balance of not too much, but not too little. This shade of pink also pairs lovely with white flowers, and lots of greenery! Adding blush pink into your flower arrangements on dinner tables or at the altar is a perfect way to tie your entire venue in with your bridesmaids dresses. 

Finally, the color that surprised us in the wedding world was gray! Light gray is a perfect neutral for your wedding, especially if you want your decor to pop (and of course, your dress!) Including hints of light gray throughout your wedding (napkins, groomsmen tuxedos, etc.) brings out a fancy, upscale vibe to your wedding! 

We hope that after reading this post that you are a little less overwhelmed about what colors to choose for your special day. Taking even one of these colors and implementing it into aspects of your wedding day, whether it’s something as big as your bridesmaids dresses or as small as the napkins, this is a sure way to tie the venue and whole day together. Choose a color you love…and run with it! Experiment and see what works. This is your special day, and we hope we helped even just a little. 



Monica’s Girls