You have made the brave, bold, and beautiful choice having your wedding outdoors! Outdoor weddings are one of the current biggest trends in the wedding world, and we are here for it! Nevertheless, they have their own set of overwhelming details that I am sure you have encountered if you are reading this! We are here to provide some wisdom on planning your dream outdoor wedding! 

With everything currently going on with COVID-19, we know some of you are rescheduling your weddings for the summer or fall season and choosing an outdoor location for safety and logistical purposes! We hope this sparks some ideas as you plan your dream day!

First, let’s start with something VERY important…your hair! An outdoor wedding, rain or shine, has the obvious risk of wind and humidity. Brainstorm a weather resistant hair style, so that when the wind blows or maybe the humidity starts to roll in…you are not phased one bit! That’s the last thing we want on your mind this special day. (Hairspray and bobby pins are key here!)

Now, let’s talk about your dress! If you are wanting a more traditional wedding gown (big train, lots of fabric…your dream princess dress!) you may want to consider a reception gown! Many brides who chose to have any outdoor wedding opt to have another dress that they change into for the reception! This dress is usually lighter weight and not the traditional “walking down the aisle” gown! This allows you to move more freely during your reception! Depending on where your wedding/reception is located, it also takes away the worry of getting your primary wedding gown dirty during the reception!

You probably knew this one was coming…but you absolutely need to have a backup plan in case the weather does not want to cooperate! Deep breath. This is not the worst case scenario! Make sure your venue has an indoor option that you LOVE, that way whatever happens that will be the last thing you are focused on! 

We recommend that beforehand, choose a couple of things that you love about your backup plan…and focus on those things! You want to be able to remain calm and enjoy your venue no matter what happens! 

And lastly, grab some champagne, open your laptop, and get on Pinterest! Search for some rainy day portrait inspirations that you love, just in case it’s raining when you take your photos! Rainy day wedding photos are just as gorgeous as any other day! It gives a whole new vibe to your photos! 

We hope we have provided some peace of mind as you begin planning your outdoor wedding! We know it’s a lot to manage, but just take every decision one step at a time and know that rain is not your worst enemy! We hope we see you soon! 



Monica’s girls