Hi bridal babes! We are back with another blog post for you! This post is all about bridesmaids! While it seems like a small, easy task to choose your dresses, styles, and colors for your bridesmaids, it is quickly realized that it is a much more in-depth task than you may have assumed! We are here to share with you what’s trending in the world of bridesmaids and give you inspiration when choosing your bridesmaid’s look! 

To start, we of course have to include our tried and true- same style, same color bridesmaid dress look. This traditional look is a sure success and is arguably the easiest option of the bunch! This look creates unity and helps you easily coordinate your decor with the dresses not only for looks, but aesthetically pleasing photos of course! 

Secondly, we have the long standing, always pleasing trend of same color, different style bridesmaids gowns! This creates some diversity in the look of not only your photos of your bridesmaids, but photos at the altar as well! If you are interested in this idea, the first step would be to choose 2 or 3 styles that you, the bride, love! Secondly, you can either tell your bridesmaids which style they will be wearing, or let them choose according to what they each feel most comfortable with! Then, you can create the standing order according to how you want to arrange the different styles! 

Next, we have the more non-traditional route of choosing white or black gowns for your bridesmaids! If you are a bride that is not looking forward to having all eyes on you, allowing your bridesmaids to wear white is a great way to deflect some of that attention, as well as creating jaw-dropping photos! Black bridesmaid gowns are great for capturing the mood of a winter wedding or a moody, romantic aesthetic. 

One of our personal favorite trends in the bridesmaid world is choosing different color bridesmaid dresses in the same color palette! This trend works for every season and makes for incredible photos. It also allows for more diversity and choice between your bridesmaids as to what color they want to wear and what fits each bridesmaid best! As long as you stay within your color palette (choosing either all warm or all cool colors) it will be a sure success aesthetically and in photos! 

Lastly, we have floral bridesmaids gowns! This non-traditional option is great for spring and summer weddings along with outdoor venues! You can coordinate the floral colors with the decor you choose along with the outdoor aesthetic that is included with your venue. These dresses are also very likely to be re-worn to other events, which will have your bridesmaids hopping right on board!

We hope that this post helped get some ideas flowing on how you want to style your bridesmaids! Remember, this day is about YOU! Trying to please everyone is quite impossible, so choose colors and styles that you love and could see working well for your ladies. Check out our Instagram and other blogs for more photos and inspiration! 



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