It’s no secret. When a bride tells us she doesn’t want a veil, we get a little sad. We know they aren’t for everyone! But one reason we LOVE Malis Henderson is because not only do they design veils, but also the most beautiful hair pins, crowns, halos and headbands. We love a little something on a bride’s head, just to say “hey everyone, look at how pretty I am!”

Elen Henderson, the boss lady at Malis Henderson, is phenomenal. She is so experienced and knowledgeable, we always spend at least an hour and a half in her booth at Market just chatting about everything. We love her- and her team! #fangirls

Last time we were there we had the opportunity to take some photos while Elen dropped some mad veil knowledge on us. Here’s a look!


Veils do not have to be boring. They don’t have to have a ton of volume on top of your head. They don’t have to be heavy! But what else says “bride” in just the same way? You only get one opportunity to wear a veil in your life, and these pictures will follow you forever. At least this is not the 80’s, and we aren’t trying to convince you to wear hats with huge plumes coming out of them. (Shout out Mom!)

Our favorite quote about veils goes like this, “Veils are like hamburgers; you can get them any way you want them.” Choose your length, your color, your edging, your embellishment. And then, if you want, choose a headpiece!

Not gonna lie, whenever we see these displays, we are like kids in a candy store. And we are DEFINITELY going to start playing dress up.

Helloooooo princess!


This masterpiece was designed for a photo shoot and includes thousands of Swarovski crystals. While it is gorgeous, it is super heavy. But if that’s your look- what could be more dramatic?

Until next time loves!


The Monica’s Girls