Hellooooo ladies and gents!

The most romantic of all holidays is upon us and if you’re like us bridal babes you’re NOT about that spending-$8-on-a-greeting-card-life!  While it’s easy to shop for ourselves, it’s a little harder to shop for the men in our lives.

We recently found this extremely helpful blog post from GroovyGuyGifts.com. Among the gems on this list are docking stations, personalized tool bags, and an engraved whiskey/cigar holder. I mean let’s face it, the novelty gifts at TJ Maxx just aren’t cutting it.


Our personal favorite is this Saving Private Ollie bag. LOVE the dual letter monogram (somehow only two letters looks cooler ;D) Lots of room, looks tough yet put together- we’d go away for a cabin weekend with it.



Here are some other choices….



If you know he’s going to need cufflinks anyway? Why not squeeze them in as a V-Day gift?



Beards are the thing now, right? A personalized razor may be right up his alley.



How about the cutest chocolate box ever?



What guy doesn’t like jerky? And the heart box makes it count as a Valentine. ;)



These amazing feather bow ties are the perfect wedding accessory and double as Valentine’s Day gift easily. Help him step it up a bit babe!


Hope this helps your Valentine woes… until next time!




The Monica’s Babes