If you are reading this, you are possibly to the part of the wedding planning where you have to create the dreaded guest list. You’re making lists upon lists and somehow it still seems impossible to narrow it down. Take a deep breath and pour some champagne… we are here to help! Here are some of our favorite tips & tricks for creating the guest list for your wedding. 

First, start with some categories! This makes the process much less overwhelming, and helps you remember all the people you want present on your special day! Some of these categories may include: family, close friends, work friends, and significant relationships. Sit and really consider who you will want to look at and see as you say “I do” to the love of your life!

A second tip that we love is creating your own list first! Sit down with your soon-to-be spouse and first create lists of your own with the categories above, then combine them! This will help the narrowing down process, once you see what one another is working with! 

Lastly, as strange and difficult as this sounds…you need to give each person a letter according to priority. The letter ‘A’ stands for family and those who must be at your ceremony…no question. ‘B’ stands for friends, extended family, and work friends you are planning to invite as the budget permits. Finally, the letter ‘C’ stands for those who you would love to have at your wedding if possible, but if the guest list starts getting tight, you can choose from this category to start making your numbers smaller. This helps you quickly identify who absolutely needs to be at your wedding, and who maybe is not essential to your special day. 

Remember, this is the one day you get to be selfish. Only invite those who bring you joy and genuinely want to support you on this day. That one friend from middle school will be okay if she doesn’t get an invite…you have to make wise decisions according to your budget and what your heart is telling you! 


Now sit down, light a candle, pour some wine, and start making that guest list! We hope we have helped even just a little. 



The Monica’s Girls