You’re a first time bride making those appointments to find your dream dress…you probably have a thousand emotions! Expectant, nervous, and unprepared are some that might come to mind. Thankfully, Monica’s Girls are experts at bridal appointments and are here to give you our advice on how to thrive at your bridal appointment. 

The first thing that comes to mind is who you bring with you! The people pleaser in us all probably wants to bring our family and all of our friends. For this type of appointment, the less people you bring, the more intimate and special the appointment is! It allows easy conversation and not too many opinions! You don’t want your guest to overshadow how you feel about the gown, because at the end of the day…you are who needs to feel beautiful in your dress! 

The second piece of advice we have for you is to do a little research! This includes cozying up with a blanket, some Netflix, and pinterest! Find some photos of gowns that inspire you, so that your consultant has a good idea of what you like! 

As you do your research, don’t forget to keep an open mind! Most brides chose a dress that they NEVER thought they would like. Your consultant has more than likely been styling brides for many years, so she will have a good idea of what you might love… even if you don’t! Keep your heart open to a dress that maybe is not exactly what you thought you would have! 

During your bridal appointment, don’t be afraid to tell your consultant how you are feeling…be honest! Being honest with your feelings about the dresses you are trying on with your consultant is the best way to get to the dress that’s the one! It will not hurt their feelings…it will only let them get you in gowns that you love! 

And finally, it’s okay if you don’t say yes to the dress at any of your bridal appointments! Don’t pressure yourself to find the one at your first appointment…most brides don’t! Allow yourself to have time to breathe, sleep on your decision, and even make a follow-up appointment to try back on a favorite! Your consultant will be happy to schedule another appointment so that you can come back and talk about your possible decisions. 

These are just a few ways that you can thrive during your bridal appointment! We will sure do our best to make you feel right at home and loved on this special occasion. We hope to see you soon! 



The Monica’s Girls