-How did he propose?

We went on a family vacation to Turks and Caicos. On our second night, a sweet butler showed up to our hotel door and asked me to follow him. I thought we were going to dinner with the whole family, but all of the sudden it felt more serious. We followed him to the beach, where Jeffrey had a small table set up for two. We sat down to champagne, and he wasted no time! He got down on a knee and I couldn’t wait to say yes!

Tell us about your venue and why you chose it:

Jeffrey grew up going to Hilton Head on vacations with his family and how could you not love the classic look of the Spanish moss and live oaks?! We were talking about ideas for our venue and kept coming back to Hilton Head. We hit absolute jackpot with Belfair. They put into life our vision of our wedding day. Their live oaks down their main drive are 100 years old! When we drove down the main road for our first visit, I had chills. It was exactly what we pictured. Not to mention, the staff was absolute perfection and made everything about the planning process as easy as possible.

What was your favorite and least favorite part of the wedding planning process?

My favorite part of the wedding planning process was the relief that came when our wedding planner, Tricia, stepped in. She was a LIFESAVER and from the moment she arrived, I felt like everything fell into place. My least favorite part was being so far from the venue site. We had one full day to cram in the tastings, hair/makeup trial, venue visit, etc. Tricia was a lifesaver though! She’s local to Hilton Head, so she managed all of the details that we could not.
 -Any advice for other brides planning their big day?
I would recommend a first look all day, every day! I was a ball of nerves until I saw Jeffrey. A few moments with him before the ceremony was all I needed and it was smooth sailing from there!
-What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
How could you not love having everyone you love in one room?! There was a moment during the mother-son dance where everyone was on their feet waving arms back and forth (think at a concert with lighters) to “You’ll Be In My Heart” and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.