‘-How did he propose?

He planned a date night to celebrate our anniversary. We pulled in to Ruth Chris and the Host walked us to the back. Once the doors opened, a saxophonist was playing my favorite song by Anthony Hamilton, “Point of it All,” while my entire family was seated at the table. There were roses on the floor and pictures of us on the table. One of the best days of my life.

-Tell us about your venue and why you chose it:

My Venue was Stratton Hall. I loved the dark wooden floors, with the nice chandeliers, the way the up lighting lit the venue. It gave me a warm, after dark, romantic feel.

-What was your favorite and least favorite part about the wedding planning process?

My favorite part of planning was definitely finding my dream dress. My least favorite was paying for my roses because they were authentic haha!

-Any advice for other brides planning their big day?

This is the ONE day in your life that you’re allowed to be selfish. This is the time to have everything you’ve envisioned come to pass.

-What was your favorite part about your wedding day?

My favorite part of my wedding day was when the curtains opened and I locked eyes with the man of my dreams.