As summer has quickly made its entry, I know it’s not the summer many of us envisioned…especially for our brides! Nevertheless, we are here to share some of our favorite summer weddings trends that you can easily incorporate into your wedding this summer, no matter what circumstances! 

First, we are loving the trend of bright colors! Bright, warm colors (such as tasteful yellows and oranges) have made their way into the summer wedding world and we are here for it. Picking one or two warm colors and implementing them into your bridesmaids dress and decor is a great way to give your wedding the aesthetic you are looking for. Another option is to choose one color, and then pick different tints and shades of that same color to implement into your bridesmaids dresses, decor, flowers, etc. 

Next we have the music! We all know and love the traditional hype wedding songs that are a must have at any party, but we are loving a new trend of more laid back music at wedding receptions! Alternative, easy listening music is a great way to foster easy conversation and coziness at your wedding reception. 

Thirdly, we are loving the summer wedding trend of greenery! More of our brides are going with white or brown tables and chairs paired with some simple greenery as the decor. This gives the vibe of an outdoor wedding without the risk of rain! This type of decor is also extremely easy to create inexpensively! 

We obviously have to include our favorite food trend happening at summer weddings! Small seasonal desserts are popping up more and more at summer weddings and we are enjoying every bit of it! This could include bundt cakes (huge trend alert!), strawberry shortcake, or banana pudding! These classics will bring a cozy and homey vibe to your wedding and is sure to be a party pleaser! 

And lastly, our final summer wedding trend that we are loving is DIY Calligraphy signs! Whether the signs are directing your guests to their seating or congratulating the bride and groom, this simple and inexpensive touch adds beautiful decoration to your wedding and reception. It is the perfect mix of aesthetic and logistics all in one! 

 We cannot wait to see photos of your summer weddings and tag us on Instagram if you implement any of these trends! We hoped we helped even just a little! 


Monica’s Girls