What a summer it has been bridal babes. While I’m sure a lot of us still had moments of summer sunshine and relaxation, I know we also experienced hardships and thought provoking events. With summers end just around the corner, we are so excited to dive into fall wedding season. We are here to share some of our favorite upcoming fall trends in the wedding world! 

First, let’s start with decor! Velvet accessories are an upcoming trend, most specifically for fall and winter weddings! Incorporating deep blue and green velvet decorations into your table arrangements are a perfect way to set the tone for your autumn wedding. This could include a table runner, velvet fabric wrapped around your silverware, or decor around your vases of flowers. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can add a velvet touch to your hair accessory or shoe detailing to bring all the elements together! 

Another decor item we are loving is candles! Staggering candles across your tables is a perfect way to bring in warm lighting. Using varying candle lengths of medium to long adds to the autumn aesthetic perfectly! 

Next, of course we have to include food as a part of the aesthetic! A fall trend we have been loving is incorporating fresh fruits into your decor. We recommend warmer color fruits (oranges, grapefruits, etc.) to ensure that you keep with the warm tones of the autumn season. 

Another, very special, fall trend we are loving in the wedding world is the cake! You can incorporate this trend to both a traditional wedding cake or a more unique cake! Adding fruit to your wedding cake ( as both decor and yummy goodness) is a trend we are loving! While it is exquisite to look at and amazing to eat, the pictures are gorgeous! Choosing fruits that have deep reds, oranges, and blues tie in the fall aesthetic perfectly. 

And finally, the venue! While a fall aesthetic can be brought to life in any venue, we wanted to share our favorite that screams autumn! Outdoor barn weddings are booming in the wedding world, even in the fall! Especially in southern states, September and even October weather can be perfect for an outdoor wedding. While the sunshine brings the warmth, the autumn breeze brings the perfect balanced temperature! Adding warm hanging lights and incorporating warm color fruits and decor is the perfect way to tie all of the elements together. 

We are so excited to see all of your photos and we hope we helped you get started on your dream autumn wedding. Adding your own personal spin to any of these trends is the perfect way to accomplish your personal, intimate, and trendy autumn wedding. Until next time!