‘-How did he propose?

He came back from a deployment in Africa and while we were visiting family in Chattanooga he proposed in the middle of the Chattanooga Walking Bridge. Very romantic!

Tell us about your venue and why you chose it:

Our wedding reception was held in the top floor library of the university in my town. The main thing from a venue that we wanted was lots of space for plenty of family and friends to come and have lots of room dance and party. This venue let us do that!

-What was your favorite and least favorite part about the wedding planning process?

My favorite part of the wedding planning process was all of the family time that was necessary to get it all done. Making decorations, planning seating charts, dance lessons, etc. A few weeks before and all the way up to the wedding day we were surrounded by family and it was the best part! On the other hand, during this time we had a never ending to do list! It wasn’t all bad, but wedding planning doesn’t really give you time to think or breath. However it was all worth it when the wedding day arrived!

-Any advice for other brides planning their big day?

My advice would be to enjoy it all! Something, if not multiple things, are going to go wrong! For example, I had the flu on my wedding day and was feeling terrible. Even through what seemed liked the worse thing to happen it was the best day surrounded by loved ones. No matter all the hard things thrown at you just enjoy the time you get with friends and family celebrating the best day of your life with the love of your life! Also, get a videographer because you will barely remember anything…maybe that’s just because of the flu, but it flies by and reminiscing on videos weeks after helps you remember everything about it!

-What was your favorite part about your wedding day?

My favorite part of my wedding day was marrying my best friend. Nothing was perfect, but it was the perfect day celebrating the start of our marriage and I wouldn’t change anything about that day!