How did he propose?

It was his turn to plan a date night so when I got off work, he had the car packed up and ready to go. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. He took me to one of our favorite spots to watch the sunset and have a picnic at Brow Park. Seth made my favorite dish, spaghetti, and even brought the fur baby. He said, “Have you ever played Geocaching?” I had played like back in middle school when it was a cool and popular thing to do…lol. He read out the hints and we went on the scavenger hunt. I found a black box in a tree hole and got really excited that I found it but was terrified to pull it out. I finally mustered up the courage to pull it out and open the box. The box had a bottle with a note inside. I started to read the note when I realized it was Seth’s handwriting. The note said, “Maggie (our dog), has something to tell you.” I look on Maggie’s collar and the tag reads, “Will You Marry Me?” I could not believe my eyeballs and when I turned around, Seth was on one knee with a beautiful ring he customized from my grandmother’s wedding ring she left me when she died. This was shortly after New Year’s this year.


Tell us about your venue and why you chose it:

Our original plans were to get married at Proctor Farm in Rome, GA. Everything was canceled after Covid-19 made its way through the world. By the end of March, we canceled everything and decided to have a small ceremony with our best friends and immediate family. We got married on the brow at Cragsmere Manor in Mentone, AL. Well… actually, we got legally married in GA that morning for it to count in our masks in our church parking lot haha. The real wedding ceremony and reception followed that evening.

What was your favorite and least favorite part about the wedding planning process?

My favorite part was definitely picking out my dress. It was the easiest part about it and so much fun. My least favorite part was having to cancel everything and then replan a small ceremony within 2 weeks of our wedding day. Luckily it all worked out perfectly.


Any advice for other brides planning their big day?

Do not forget the intent and your why for getting married. When we were planning our original wedding before Covid-19, we started spending too much money and worrying about the people that would be there and impressing them. Covid-19 was and is horrible, but it was a blessing in disguise because it made us remember our intentions and why we were getting married. It was about Seth and I becoming one and celebrating that.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of my wedding day was walking down the aisle with my dad. I remember my dad fighting back the tears and whispering how proud he was of me as Hallelujah was played on the guitar.  When Seth turned around and we locked eyes, all I could hear was sunshine and the wind. All I could see was him smiling back at me and this beam of light shining down on the cross we got married in front of. God was there, and in that moment, I knew this was his intentions and plan for me. It was incredible and unforgettable!


Gown “Dakota” by Willowby by Watters

Venue Cragsmere Manor