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Real Bride Story- Ashley and Clayton

'-How did he propose? He took me to a look off on lookout mountain and proposed to me! The funny thing was I was a little salty at first because when he proposed, I didn’t see any of my family there and he knew it was a big deal to have them their! But after, my family, friends, and fur babies came running out of the woods! Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: I chose Howe farms because it had the rustic farm/barn look I wanted, but was also so elegant [...]

Real Bride Story- Emily and Zach

'-How did he propose? We backpacked to the top of Laurel Snow Falls in Dayton, TN. We reached the top right as the sun was setting. As I'm standing on the cliff watching the beautiful sunset, I turned around to see Zach on one knee asking me to marry him! -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: We got married at The Gray Dove in Ooltewah. We chose this venue because was wanted a place that had it's own natural beauty and gave us the opportunity to have an outdoor wedding. -What [...]

Real Bride Story- Debora & Scott

'-How did he propose? He caught me by surprise on his front porch at sunset! -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: It is originally an amphitheater for Southern Adventist University. It has a beautiful back drop and we just wanted a simple outdoor wedding. It fit perfectly! -What was your favorite and least favorite part about the wedding planning process? My favorite part was picking out decorations and flowers! My least favorite was choosing an officiant for the ceremony. -Any advice for other brides planning their big day? Don’t get too [...]

Real Bride Story- Irene & Brian

Photography by: Rich Smith Photography -How did he propose? He totally surprised me by proposing at our annual Friendsgiving during a big group picture. He parted the seas and dropped to his knee in front of all our friends! Eekkk, a holiday we will always remember. -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: We originally chose The Church on Main because of it’s fantastic location and beautiful exposed brick, but due to Covid- 19, we had a last minute switch up and decided to exchange vows on top of lookout mountain. You [...]

Real Bride Story- Hannah & Zach

Photography: @meganfaithphoto -How did he propose? He convinced me we were going on a picnic in Chattanooga to celebrate my belated birthday, but ended up proposing in Coolidge Park. Then, he had a surprise engagement party afterwards with friends and family from across many states! -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: We chose Lanes' Bend in Cookeville, TN. This venue is tucked away in the hills of Tennessee. It's a perfect little white chapel, with beautiful scenery all around. It fit us perfectly! -What was your favorite and least favorite part [...]

Real Bride Story- Ruth Ann & Chase

'-How did he propose? I was in Charleston, SC visiting my two best friends and he surprised me on the beach.  -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it:  We chose Cloudland Station. I hate the Pinterest barn weddings, but this venue was more than a beautiful barn. You hardly need any decorations because the place in itself is gorgeous! What was your favorite and least favorite part about the wedding planning process? My favorite part was picking my dress! My least favorite part was making really small the color of the napkins [...]

Real Bride Story- Jena & Cody

'-How did he propose? Cody had planned for us to go to dinner at Canyon Grille on Lookout Mountain. This is one of our all-time favorite date nights, so it did not take much convincing! We "invited" my best friend and her husband to "dinner" too, so I was really looking forward to it. We rarely all get away for a night out together! On the way to the restaurant, we always stop at the Hang Gliding park if time allows for it. The view is absolutely breathtaking! I was under the impression that Ali [...]

Real Bride Story: Natasha & Skyelor

-How did he propose? First of all, I had no idea he was going to propose. It was a complete surprise to me and it made it so much more fun for me! He took me out to lunch to one of our favorite spots, Yellow Delli, and we had a really fun time! While at lunch Skyelor mentioned that he wanted to go show me a view. After lunch he took me up to Stringers Ridge and had the whole platform up there decorated with big balloons, flowers, twinkle lights and pictures of us. [...]

Real Bride Story- Olivia & Ethan

How did he propose? After having my ring hidden away for two weeks, Ethan couldn’t wait anymore. He bailed on his original plan of asking me in front of friends and family on Saturday and asked me on a Thursday night. This threw me off completely and I was not expecting it. We went to a cute little Mexican restaurant in Knoxville where he asked me to be his girlfriend months prior. He asked me right there in the car. Just the two of us. He cried and forgot his whole speech. It was perfect. [...]

Real Bride Story- Heather & Steven

'-How did he propose? It was a few days before Christmas and we were at the Choo Choo watching people ice skate. We were on our way to dinner at the Terminal when I suggested we take a picture in front of the huge Christmas tree in the lobby. I asked this girl to take our picture, and when I turned around he was on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! I said yes, and the girl captured the whole thing! -Tell us about your venue and [...]

Real Bride Story- Katie & Byron

-How did he propose? He planned for his aunt to invite us to a “Christmas game night”. Her house was where he took me the night that we first started dating for me to meet his family. We got there and there was a huge light display and tent in the front yard. He took me through 5 arches and at each arch we looked at photos from that year of your relationship. After the 5th arch was the proposal spot. The minute I said yes, fireworks were set off!  -Tell us about your venue [...]

Real Bride Story- Lynn & Scott

'-How did he propose? At Country Manor Acres in Townsend, Tennessee, surrounded by family. -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: We chose this off the beaten path little park in Breckenridge, Colorado for our ceremony and then had our reception at the Breckenridge Gold Club.  Scott and I met in Denver and we love the mountains. Breckenridge is one of our favorite places. -What was your favorite and least favorite part of the wedding planning process? My least favorite part was all the decision making and time that went into planning [...]

Real Bride Story- Mikah and Jared

'-How did he propose? He proposed on top of the Edney building downtown! He arranged for his brother (who’s a photographer) to ask us to model in a couple’s shoot for him. I thought we were just helping his brother build his portfolio. Halfway through the shoot, I turned around and he was down on one knee! -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: We got married at First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga. My dad was the Senior Pastor there for 9 years, so it’s a special place for me. Our reception [...]

Real Bride Story- Misti & Keith

'-How did he propose? Keith took me to dinner downtown (nothing out of the ordinary), and then suggested we walk across Walnut Street Bridge because it was a beautiful evening. He had a photographer hiding on the bridge and had her stage a bouquet of roses in the middle of the rose for every week we had dated. When we approached the bouquet, he said, "I wonder why that's there?" When I looked down, my name was written on the card. He then explained the number of roses and gave me all the reasons [...]

Real Bride Story – Jess & Jeffrey

-How did he propose? We went on a family vacation to Turks and Caicos. On our second night, a sweet butler showed up to our hotel door and asked me to follow him. I thought we were going to dinner with the whole family, but all of the sudden it felt more serious. We followed him to the beach, where Jeffrey had a small table set up for two. We sat down to champagne, and he wasted no time! He got down on a knee and I couldn’t wait to say yes! Tell us about [...]

Real Bride Story – Kyanna and Tori

-How did he propose? He proposed in Jacksonville, North Carolina after my father's induction ceremony into the United States Marine Corps Boxing Hall of Fame. He had candles lit and R&B music playing in the background! -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: Our venue was at the Magnolia House on Weiss Lake in Cedar Bluff, AL. We chose this venue because it’s a beautiful plantation style home that sits right on the lake! It was plenty of space for our guests and the owners were so helpful! They went above and [...]

Real Bride Story- Hannah & Blake

-How did he propose? He surprised me! He already had plans with his buddies for the day and I was going to have a girls day with a mutual friend of ours. We went to lunch, hobby Lobby and got our nails done. He tried to get me to wear a dress but it was September 1st and the VOLS were playing so of course I had on shorts and a cute TN shirt! My friend told me she had to take something to the Hermitage Golf Course for a coworker, so we go by [...]

Real Bride Story – Miranda & Jonathan

-How did he propose? He proposed to me in Central Park in New York City! -Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: We chose Howe Farms! We just love the owners. They are some of the kindest people on earth! - What was your favorite and least favorite part about the wedding planning process? My favorite thing about the process was creating the lasting memories with my family and friends. The least favorite part was telling people no when I didn't like something! -Any advice for other brides planning their big day? [...]

Real Bride Story – Becca & John

-How did he propose? He proposed at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga the day after my birthday! - Tell us about your venue and why you chose it: My venue was in the woods in Rockmart, GA. I just loved this venue. Pictures do not do it justice! When I went to tour it I was NOT leaving until I booked it as our venue. EVERYTHING from decorations, DJ, Wedding planner Honeymoon suit for the night of the wedding and a beautiful place all around. - What was your favorite and least favorite part about the [...]

Real Bride Story – Nikkie & Dustin

Nikkie & Dustin Fairbanks   - How did he propose? Dustin lived out in Harrison at a lake house and he took me to J. Alexander’s for dinner. While we were there, his family and mine were setting up little tea lights on his front walkway. He had me follow him through through the lights and to the end of the walkway where there was a ring box with a flower heart around it and he got on one knee and proposed. Our family was waiting to greet us inside the house and he had [...]

Real Bride Story – Kellie & Duke

Kellie & Duke Kealen Duke and I met in October of 2015, I was a MOH in a wedding and he was a groomsmen. At the time he was stationed in Yuma, Arizona in the United Sates Marine Corps. Upon his arrival jokes were made about us two since we were both single and of course we hit it off. We continued our long distance relationship ( see each other every couple months ) when he was moved to Okinawa, Japan in August of 2016. We talked about marriage and knew we wanted to spend [...]

Real Bride – Madison and Matthew

- Real Bride & Groom's Names: Madison and Matthew Crownover - How did he propose? Matthew and I were high school sweethearts! We dated through college and both played college sports, baseball and softball at different colleges. We knew we would get married we just had decided that we both needed to graduate first. In 2014 Matthew's mom, Susan (also my former high school softball couch), found out that she needed a kidney transplant. There were several difficult months of people getting tested and being denied as possible donors. One random day my mother, Kelley, [...]

Real Bride – Kaitlin and Jonathan

- Real Bride & Groom's Names: Kaitlin and Jonathan Patterson - How did he propose? It was April 7th, 2017. We had just gotten the keys to our apartment and we were moving him in.  I knew at some point we were going to get married and it would also be my apartment. Jonathan had asked our apartment manager if he could have the keys to our apartment early so he could propose then. We walked in to an empty apartment where I turned around and he was down on one knee in the living room. [...]

Real Bride – Beverly and Hunt

- Real Bride & Groom's Names: Beverly & Hunt Jennings - How did he propose? Hunt proposed at Lula Lake Falls on Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday Hunt and I had agreed to spend time with our own families so I wasn't expecting to see him that day. After church and lunch with my family I agreed to go for a hike with my sister Olivia. She took me on a hike I had never been on and we started at the bottom of Lookout Mountain and hiked to what I eventually recognized as Lula Lake [...]

Real Bride – Ginny and Mac

- Real Bride & Groom's Names: Ginny and Mac Brown - How did he propose? I was on vacation in Denver with a friend, and Mac flew out to surprise me. We went for lunch at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, which has a fantastic view.  I looked to my left to enjoy the view, turned back to Mac who had knelt down on one knee to propose. He had let our waitress know what was going on and gave her his phone to video the proposal.  Two seconds into filming Mac's phone died.  Luckily a [...]

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